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Zubal service and quality has been outstanding over the years.
University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

Great buying experience. Thanks!
Bill in Maryland

You were prompt and quick to get my book to me in a secure package. As one book nut to another is what good is a damaged book to a collector.
John - Puyallup, WA

My purchase was excellent. I am excited about finding Zubal!
Mark from Livingston Montana

I was very happy with the book I ordered from Zubal. The packaging was very secure and safe. The book lived up to the seller's description. Everything about this purchase seems to suggest that I have dealt with not just an ordinary or run-of-the-mill business. Zubal is absolutely first-rate.
F., Seattle

Bill Browder....Freeport, Maine You have always run a great shop! I have been collecting and reading books all my life so selection,substantive content, condition and reliable service are all critical. You are exceptional on all counts.
Thank you.

Packing was fabulous ~ never seen anything like it ~ much appreciated!
Mary in Binghamton, New York

Great selection of books and service.
Ron, Davis, CA

Excellent selection of books!
Gerald--Newark, DE

I always enjoy the variety and selection of titles that you offer. Most of your prices are very competitive, and are often of great, or even superior value than other sellers. Likewise, your special offers and discounts are most appreciative, and extremely rewarding.Thank you for always providing excellent service.
Jack from Arizona

As a frequent purchaser of books (new,used, online and off), I was extremely pleased and impressed with all aspects of my experience with Zubal Books - price, condition, packaging, speed of delivery. I will definitely be doing more business with Zubal Books in the future.
Deirdre, Lebanon,IN.

as a bibliophile I am quite pleased with 1) the cost of books (quite reasonable) 2) The way the deal is handled - promptness, punctuality and precision with regard to packaging and delivering. 3) Amicability in addressing concerns of customers. 4) The variety of books they stock is amazing. GREAT Job !!
Gopala in India

I've always been very happy with my orders from Zubal.
patrick in lexington ky

Your shipping time was excellent, and your packing superb! Your website is so user friendly. I have nothing but the best to say about Zubal.
Peter in New Haven, CT

I was very happy with the condition that the book was in. The pricing of the book was very good as well. Thank you!
Geoffrey, Toronto Canada

Great selection, great site, great presence on third-party book sites. Ordering is seamless and execution is flawless. The Zubal family is poised to assist with out-of-the-ordinary requests and unusual situations.
Scott in Portland Maine

I received everything as ordered within a short amount of time!
Pam in Rhode Island

Your postage rate was excellent to the UK compared with other dealers. I ordered five similar books from five different dealers and their postage rates were way above yours.
Laurence in the UK

I always try to buy from you when I can. There are a lot of amateurs in the internet book world. It's nice to deal with a bookstore that really understands books.
Sean in Denver.

A great experience purchasing through Zubal online. Much appreciated!
Jason in Marietta, Ohio

I have been a regular customer for several years now and as a bibliophile I am quite pleased with
1) the cost of books (quite reasonable)
2) The way the deal is handled - promptness, punctuality and precision with regard to packaging and delivering.
3) Amicability in addressing concerns of customers.
4) The variety of books they stock is amazing.
GREAT Job !!
Gopala Krishna in Mumbai

Older Feedback

Zubal is the very best place to go when in search for rare texts relevent to graduate level research. Zubal finds titles that specialists need but can't find anywhere else. Mathematicians especially should search zubal.com for rare math texts.
Chad in Knoxville, TN

Great service, good inventory to choose from. I have purchased books on numerous occasions from you.
Don; Elk Grove California

Always had a great experience buying from Zubal.
Todd in New York

I am completely satisfied with the book and service from Zubal Books! I will not hesitate to purchase from you again!!
Ken in Akron Ohio

Zubal's prices are usually very competitive and often lowest. Condition is graded very conservatively, and packaged excellently.
Jonathan, Pepper Pike, Ohio

I live in Austria, but am originally from Cleveland. So I couldn't believe it when I saw Zubal Books as the seller. The book I ordered is very difficult to get anywhere and I needed it very quickly to prepare for a symposium. It came within a week after I was notified it would be sent. Thanks again for your quick service. Next time I am in Cleveland I will surely stop by!!
Brian, Altenberg, Austria

Just wanted to take a minute to say that you have such great customer service. I just received my second book order by mail from your company. It made it to Texas sooner than a previous order from Houston. I love that you put the bookmark inside too -nice touch!
Janie, from Mansfield, Texas

Very surprised to get a vintage book in excellent condition at very competitive price. Packaging should be an example for others who ask more than double delivery costs.
Patrick in Belgium

I have been a Zubal Books customer for many years, and I am satisfied of all the books I purchased from you as I was the day I received them from the postman: I guess there is nothing more left to say.
Daniele and I live in Imola, Italy

The book arrived nicely packaged and as described.
Carmen in Houston, TX

"Perfect Delivery Time and book condition. I was looking for the book for quite some time and was very happy with the purchase!"
- Pedro from Dublin, Ireland

"I was fully satisfied with your high class customer service and compitetive price."
- RAJ in Jackson, Mississippi

"You give quick service for such a large inventory."
- Nigel in Rochester, New York

"Book was in excellent condition and very reasonably priced. Delivery time was short."
- Charlres in Sydney, Australia

"Book is in excellent condition for a 1946 printing. Price was unbeatable (the lowest of all the AbeBooks sellers offering this book). It was carefully packaged and received in a short period of time. "
- Lisa in Reston, Virginia

"Very impressive list of books. I appreciate the great sevice you provide, thanks!"
- Charles in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania

"Zubal has the most competitive prices for several antiquarian and scarce titles. That's something to be welcomed."
- Pradeep in Ithaca, New York

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