Perfect for library sales, fundraisers, bookstore stock or collectors. Zubal Books sells used, old and secondhand books in bulk. The books are packed in Gaylord boxes on pallets. Each box contains up to 1,100 books.

Buy books in bulk.

What kind of books are included?

Here's a general breakdown: 85% non-fiction - mostly social sciences, humanities, science and technology. 60% hardcover & 40% softcover. 50% ex library. 85% of the softcovers are trade size paperbacks. 15% are pocket size.

EXCLUDED (unless customers request otherwise) are Encyclopedias Book Club editions Textbooks for grade 1-12 College textbooks more than 3 years old, Reference books superceded by later editions, Outdated yearbooks, Obviously defective books.

Price per Gaylord is $350, or buy a full trailer (28 to 32 gaylords) $200 per gaylord, f.o.b. Cleveland, Ohio. Interested parties are invited to inspect Gaylords!

Interested parties should email us today.