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Visit Zubal Books in Cleveland OhioVisiting Cleveland? Live nearby? If so, feel free to stop by. We have a section of about 2500 browsable books mostly in the areas of art, photography, military, entertainment, history and oversize books. The best part is that each book is only $5.00. Please email or call (216-241-7640) to arrange a visit during normal business hours.

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Bookjacking Level II

I spend about 35 hours a week pricing our incoming books by using Abe.com and Amazon.com. Over the last few years, I’ve noticed a very strange trend. For almost EVERY modern book that I handle (which mostly happen to be books published by scholarly and university presses), not only does Amazon display a record that contains an ISBN (which I will refer to as a LEGITIMATE record), but also several identical records that do NOT contain ISBNs (which I will refer to as ILLEGITIMATE records).

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