L'Ultimo Conflitto Cino-Giapponese (7 juglio 1937 - 30 marzo 1040)

Corrado Zoli / Firenze: Felice le Monnier 1940
first edition, viii, 354 pp., several folding maps and maps in text, later cloth, text slightly tanned, ex library, good+. Volumes Included: 1

Subject/Keywords: sino-japanese war military studies diplomacy historiography jzx

Item #: 960418


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The Magazine of American History with Notes and Queries. Volumes 1-29 (1877-1893)

John Austin Stevens, ed. / NY: Magazine of American History Company 1877
first edition, volumes 1 through 29: sub-title varies, AN UNINTERRUPTED RUN, partly bound, partly in original paper wrappers; illustrated, some external wear and chipping, many volumes are ex library; still good-very good. Volumes Included: 29

Subject/Keywords: military studies government travel exploration Americana Historiography Walton per

Item #: 929941


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The Early Colombian Labor Movement. Artisans and Politics in Bogota, 1832-1919

Sowell, David / Temple University Press 1992
269 pp., Hardcover, NEW in a NEW dust jacket!!. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0877229651
Subject/Keywords: historiography tmp

Item #: 959601


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Historical and Military Essays

Fortescue, Sir John / Macmillan & Co., Limited, London 1928
first edition, [viii], 291, [4] (ads) pp., original cloth slightly dulled, bookplate, good++. Volumes Included: 1

Subject/Keywords: napoleonic wars british military history geography historiography kkh

Item #: 951828


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An Die Dunkelmanner Unserer Zeit

Rosenberg, Alfred / Hoheneichen Verlag 1935
112 pp., Paperback, good. Volumes Included: 1

Subject/Keywords: hrb historiography history racism

Item #: 950357


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Maya Dates and What They Reveal: a re-examination of the evidence in correlation between Central American and European time counts

Spinden, Herbert Joseph International Congress of Americanists Hamburg, Germany 1930 : / The Museum of the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences 1930
first edition, 111 pp., illustrated, later gilt stamped leather covers, like new,. Volumes Included: 1

Subject/Keywords: pre-columbian americana history archaeology historiography hrb

Item #: 947237


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Idea de una nueva historia general de la America septentrional. Fundada sobre material copioso de figuras, symbolos, caracteres, y geroglisicos, cantares, y manuscritos de autores Idios, ultimamente descubiertos, etc. etc.

Lorenzo Boturini Barnaduci, Brasseur de Bourbourg / Paris: Les Editions Genet 1970
Faithfully produced & undated facsimile reprint of the 1746 (Madrid) edition, [xlvi], 167, [1] pp., [4] leaves (at beginning of Catalogo del museo historico indiano del cavallero Lorenzo Boturini ... section), 96 pp., frontispiece portrait facing ?Protesta Preliminar?; recently re-bound in gilt stamped brown leather; Sabin 6834, NEAR FINE!. Volumes Included: 1

Subject/Keywords: pre-columbian americana historiography geography travel exploration native american studies hrb

Item #: 946504


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Sterbende Gotter und christliche Heilsbotschaft. Wechselreden indianischer Vornehmer und spanischer Glaubensapostel in Mexiko 1524. Quellenwerke zur Alten Geschichte Amerikas Aufgezeichnet in den Sprachen der Eingeborenen, III

Walter Lehmann / W. Kohlhammer Verlag 1949
134 pp., Paperback, very good. Volumes Included: 1

Subject/Keywords: biography history historiography pre-Columbian Amerciana hrb

Item #: 945084


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Wilhelm von Humboldt und die amerikanischen Sprachen. Internationales Symposium des Ibero-Amerikanischen Instituts PK, 24.-26. September 1992 in Berlin (German Edition)

Klaus Zimmerman, Jurgen Trabant, Kurt Mueller-Vollmer (Hrsg.) / Ferdinand Schoningh 1994
299 pp., errata sheet laid in, Paperback, very good. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 3506740261
Subject/Keywords: biography geography historiography history Latin Americana hrb

Item #: 944901


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Die tschechische Gefahr

Paul Sieberg / Munchen/Berlin: J. S. Lehmanns Verlag 1938
first edition, 218, [6] (catalogue) pp., map frontis., personal dedication to free endpaper, original cloth, very good in a slightly tattered dust jacket,. Volumes Included: 1

Subject/Keywords: Munich Crisis Nazi Historiography Ethnic Studies Geography Sudetenland Studies HRB

Item #: 941375

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Der Untergang Des Abendlandes, Umrisse Einer Morphologie der Weltgeschichte. TWO VOLUMES!

Spengler, Oswald / Verlag C. H. Beck 1924
two volumes, [xvi], 549, [10] (catalogue), + vii, 666, [6] (catalogue) pp., original gilt stamped black cloth, overy good. Volumes Included: 2

Subject/Keywords: philosophy of history historiography hrb

Item #: 941374


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Die Beziehungen des amerikanischen Imperialismus zum deutschen Imperialismus in der Zeit der Weimarer Republik (1918 - 1925)

Otto Obermann / Berlin: Rutten & Loening 1952
167 pp., Hardcover, good+. Volumes Included: 1

Subject/Keywords: weimar republic studies americana speculative history alternative historiography hrb

Item #: 937844


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William Robertson y Su Historia de America; William Robertson y Su Vision de America

Robin H. Humphreys, Francisco Cuevas Cancino / Mexico D F: Instituto Panamericano de Geografia e Historia 1958
82 pp., tipped portrait of Robertson, original paper covers, mostly unopened, overall very good. Volumes Included: 1

Subject/Keywords: hrb biography latin american history geography travel historiography

Item #: 936139


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Families of the King: Writing Identity in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

Sheppard, Alice / University of Toronto Press 2004
266 pp., Hardcover, ex library, else text clean and binding tight. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0802089844
Subject/Keywords: history historiography mxz

Item #: 934203


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Der Beginn der Kunstgeschichtsschreibung unter dem Paradigma "Geschichte". Gustav Friedrich Waagens Fruhschrift "Ueber Hubert und Johann van Eyck" (German Edition)

Bickendorf, Gabriele / Wernersche Verlagsgesellschaft 1985
205 pp., Hardcover, ex library, else text clean and binding tight. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 3884620282
Subject/Keywords: art historiography mxz

Item #: 931543


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Reviewers Reviewed: A Challenge to Historical Critics.

Eisenschiml, Otto / The William L. Clements Library 1940
22 pp., octavo, original mock leather, very good. Volumes Included: 1

Subject/Keywords: historiography DRM

Item #: 912036


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New light on early and medieval Japanese historiography: Two translations and an introduction (University of Florida monographs. Social sciences, No. 4)

John Armstrong Harrison / University of Florida Press 1960
45 pp., paperback, cover faded, else very good. Volumes Included: 1

Subject/Keywords: historiography Asian studies JZX

Item #: 909875


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Six Lies Nailed (Compiled From Authoritative Sources), etc.

N/A. / International Catholic Truth Society 1930
17 pp., octavo, original soft covers, essays refuting allegations of conspiracies by the Roman Catholic Church, very good. Volumes Included: 1

Subject/Keywords: Roman Catholicism Conspiracy Theories Historiography DRM

Item #: 908789


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Francesco Petrarca als Gestalt der Historiographie: Seine Beurteilung in der Geschichtsschreibung vom Fruhhumanismus bis zu Jacob Burckhardt [Basler Beitrage Zur Geschichtswissenschaft, Band 97]

Werner Handschin, Series Edited by Edgar Bonjour & Werner Kaegi / Verlag von Helbing & Lichtenhahn 1964
[viii], 185 pp., quarto, later cloth, ex library, very good. Volumes Included: 1

Subject/Keywords: Italian Literary History Biography Poetry Historiography BBW

Item #: 900474


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Tradiciones Orales En La Historiografia de Fines de la Edad Media (Spanish series)

Vaquero, Mercedes / Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies 1990
144 pp., Hardcover, fine. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0940639440
Subject/Keywords: biography, history, humanities, historiography hhs4

Item #: 897036


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