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Updated July 2019
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I have been an avid collector of Easton Press Books for the past 40 years, dealing exclusively with one book dealer (and Easton Press directly) during this time. The sole proprietor of the book store recently passed, making me seek out other book dealers; I have been extremely dissatisfied with all of them—until I ordered from Zubal Books. I cannot say enough positive things about them. Their Easton Press volumes are exactly as described, and their prices are most competitive. Believe me! I have 3,000 Easton Press Books in my personal library (maybe someday I’ll even read them), so I know quality when I see it. Also, their customer service is outstanding. Even after I was rude to them, they treated me with kindness and understanding. [Hope you forgive me, Michael!] Zubal Books means QUALITY, and I refuse to order from anyone else.
Mark from Malden, MA

The packaging was superb. The price too was lower than other stores (online and offline).
Kamalendu at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Champaign, IL

Zubal can be trusted to describe the book correctly.
Joe in KC Missouri

It's nothing short of amazing how sturdy the packaging always is. Other sellers often use flimsy envelopes or overpacked and overloaded cardboard, but Zubal uses extremely heavy-duty boxes, well cushioned with enviornmentally-friendly foam pellets & heavily taped shut. And as far as customer service goes, I've worked closely with them on one issue or another, and they're very competent, helpful & friendly. It'd like having a relative working there! It's become one of my favorite booksellers.
John A. W.

Fair prices, books always in great condition and a very kind & helpful service. For sure one of the best online book sellers for used books!
Jan in Germany

The range of technical books that you have is truly impressive. As an individual scholar, and academic, it is sometimes hard for me to justify purchasing a book, or a big set of books, for my home use, when I could probably drive in and find it in the University library. By making the prices fair, it is easier to justify the purchase, and to make the scholarly discoveries that result from having the books around.
Paul G in Seattle

Very professional and kind when I talked with them. They know their business well.
Mervin in Port Huron, MI

Very competitive prices. I love checking in regularly, as your stock continually changes.
Andrew in Brooklyn, NY

No complaints, as usual; was looking for a set and y'all had it at the best price.
Bobby in Georgia

I've purchased many books from you and have always been pleased.
Lynn in NJ

I have bought many books from you: always satisfied, keep up the good work.
Dr Paul A. M., Professor Colorado School of Mines

The book I purchased is difficult to get and Zubal Books did an excellent job.
Lorenzo in Princeton, NJ

Very happy with my order, thanks!
Stephan in Callicoon

The book was a rare find; how glad I was to find it and to find it so affordable through your bookstore.
Daniel, New York City

I just wanted to thank you for the way you packed and shipped a used book that I recently ordered from you. Even though the book was not particularly expensive, the care you took in wrapping was extraordinary. Neither rain nor post office mishandling would have damaged the book. So, thank you. I'll check you inventory before ordering other books.
Rutherford, Walpole, New Hampshire

I received the book a day ahead of schedule, which was a delightful surprise for me. As I was opening the box I was marvelling at how beautifully and efficiently it was packaged. As a result, the book was in mint condition when it arrived. I was so impressed with the care given to my order that I wanted to write to express my appreciation.
Lucia in Ottawa

I love Zubal and have gotten at least of score of items from you through the years. Never any problems. Thanks for the tip re: book jackers. The other "book seller" rackets I have noticed: (1) vendors in US, India and elsewhere who reprint items digitized by Google and sell at at preposterous prices. (2) vendors "publishing" and printing-on-demand material cobbled directly from Wikipedia and attributed to fake authors.
Steven in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Excellent, prompt service and an impressive selection of books! The prices are beyond reasonable-highly recommend this store.
My name is Kelly, and I am located in Cary, North Carolina.

The books are accurately described as to their condition.
E.T. in Chicago

As I order for an academic library, I don't have much to do with initial requests, only with determining the vendor and specific copy. Occasionally I forward announcements to the relevant subject librarian, but I keep that to a minimum. I know that Zubal has reliable and fair pricing, and consider it high on my go-to list.
Barbara, Victoria BC

Very nice Description, friendly response, very good packing. I am very satisfied with this purchase.
Lahore in Pakistan

Have bought many times over the years from Zubal. Always satisfied.
Mike in Asheville

I like dealing with Zubal. Good folks and they understand book collecting.
Brian in Pasadena

Exceptional quality of book, service, price. Very pleased with the purchase. Will not hesitate to buy from Zubal Books again.
Karen T.

Book buying online just doesn't get any better than with Zubal! I always check their scholarly inventory and have great respect for the integrity with which this dealer operates at every level.
Thomas in Memphis, TN

The books I bought from Zubal books ,they look great , And the service is prompt and very nice! Hope to buy from you again!
Thank you! Ji, from Beijing,China

Great seller, very complaisant. My recommendations.
Gert in Flen city, in the county of Sodermanland, one hour southwest of Stockholm, Sweden.

Reliable book seller. Appreciated detailed book description and information.
Roberto in Miami Shores, FL

I enjoy purchasing books from Zubal's. The items are accurately described and delivery is prompt.The prices are very reasonable also.
Gail in Willowick, OH

You were very helpful to me when I asked about saving on postage . Thank you.
Don in Cairns Australia

My book arrived right on time and in great condition. Thanks!
Jennifer in NYC

Have received several books from you, ordered via Albiris, and condition has always been quite excellent & the packaging quite durable & well- suited to the rigors of USPS or UPS!
John in West Hartford, CT

My parcel arrived before 7.30 AM this morning . That’s less than 6 days since I found your listing on the Abebooks website and placed my order. I’m sorry to admit that if I’d ordered this book from a dealer in the UK, I really do not think it would have arrived so promptly.
Tim in the UK

Great selection and great service.
Uko in Kirkland, WA

I had no issues with ordering from you (it was over ABE Books). The price and service and delivery were professionally done.
Richard H. in Wingham, Ontario, Canada

Have done business with you many times in the past, and it has always been a good experience.
Jeff in Arkansas

You're an excellent bookstore. Every transaction has been smooth. With only one exception, each book I've ordered has been in very good or better shape. In the case of the one exception, where the book was old and fell apart, you provided an immediate refund.

One of the greatest and fairest booksellers. Does not sell every book for exorbitant prices and e.g. it is often cheaper to buy the book in my case in USA at Zubal incl. taxes, than ordering it in my home country germany.
Thanks again! Jan in Germany

I find it refreshing I have found a bookseller who I can TRUST on the accuracy of the condition of the books. Many sellers I have tried (and don't use anymore) have said their books are Very good or Good condition and the find the book has bad bindings and/or full of highlighting and markings inside on many of the pages making the book useless as well as being a rip-off for the price paid.
Ray in Clayton, CA

I didn't expect the order to come before Christmas -- but I did nonetheless. Very fast service.
Henry in Indianapolis.

Always great service!
Ed in Santa Fe

I am especially impressed by the comparatively rapid delivery time from USA to UK.

Books that I want quite often turn up on your lists, and at reasonable prices.
John P., Southampton, England

It is very good to know that, should an ordered book for some reason not arrive, Zubal offers an excellent 'back-up plan’.
Henk in Langenhagen in Germany

Exquisite in every detail, well packaged for safety, and a timely delivery.
Thank You! Laurie in Hartford

As a native Clevelander, Zubal's is somewhat of an institution. I used to enjoy rummaging through their shop on West 25th Street but now enjoy browsing their stock online. A truly great dealer with terrific service, knowledge and a wide variety of books to choose from Tom from Cleveland

The book that I was purchased was in pristeen condition (despite having been published and printed almost TEN years ago and is a first edition, first printing as well! It was packaged reasonably well, shipped promptly and was received undamaged. I am very pleased and I will definitely be purchasing from Zubal Books in future
Bill from Long Beach, CA 90806

I've purchased from you before and enjoyed the excellent service. Thank you.
Martin in Wichita KS

I am a faithful and recurrent customer of Zubal (it is very easy to verify!). For purchasing (after chasing) used books on mathematical science, ZB has no peers in the English speaking world and very very few in the ? speaking world. When I'm seeking for a difficult to find work, my first motion is looking at Z's catalogue and, often, my quest succeed. The old factory in the belt of Cleveland is a sort of Ali Baba's cave, with no thief, of course. Robert in Crêts-en-Belledonne near Grenoble (France). pleasantly surprised!
Marty in upstate NY

Excellent service and good quality books priced well.
RS in Cupertino

Today I received the books. Thank you again for the fast, uncomplicated delivery and the very well preserved books! At least five, full golden stars!
Jan from Germany

Book was in brand-new condition as advertised. Very satisfied with your service.
Jeffrey from Brooklyn, NY

I've been a customer for more than 24 years. I hope to be for another 20. :)
James, Bronxville NY.

Excellent service all-around would definitely buy more books from you in the future.
Joe from New York

Generally speaking, Zubal books are quite well packed and their description is very accurate. In my opinion Zubal bookstore is a reliable store. Prices are in the same line as the average market but, usually, books are better than average.
Juan from Pozuelo de Alarcon, Madrid, Spain

I'm very pleased with the packing and with how quickly you ship the book.
Jack in Kalamazoo, Michigan

The attention to detail is what separates Zubal Books from its competition. A superb website, with an intuitive interface, and a comprehensive book inventory, plus value added pricing, is a winning combination. It is always an rewarding shopping experience, worthy of high praise, and continued patronage.
Jack, from Arizona

Very pleased with my item and with your excellent customer service.
Linda, Santa Clara, CA

Great service, great books.
Leonardo from México City

Books arrived speedily, in great condition,and as described.
Bill, Plattsburgh NY

Fast shipping and secure packaging.
Guy, Decatur, GA

I am a bookseller and buy from you for my personal collection, so am quite picky. I have always had the best experience w/Zubal.
Gayle from Independent Books in Long Beach, Washington

I have bought from 20+ online used book stores, and your package is, without a doubt, the best!
Guy in New York

Zubal is one of the first vendors I would buy from.
Geoff in Dubuque, IA

I've been dealing with Zubal Books for years and have had nothing but wonderful experiences with the firm and its personnel (Tom Zubal in particular). For an academic mathematician like me, who is schooled along old-fashioned lines, including the use of real, hard-copy, paper books, ready to be read and (if you'll forgive me) written in, Zubal Books is a true haven.
Michael, Los Angeles.

You did what you said you'd do...so I'm happy.
Ian in West Sussex, UK

I sometimes pay a little more for you excellent descriptions, 95% of the time your price is really lower, lower shipping, too. Over 10 years with no returns, thanks.
Bo in St Pete, FL.

Packaging was especially well done.
Patrick in Kansas City

As always, superb customer service, shipping and pricing. I really like those periodic sales events, especially when my interests coincide with what is on offer!
Bruce in Albuquerque, New Mexico

I have been shopping with Zubals for 25 years. I usually find your books on ABEBooks and always prefer to buy from you over anyone else. I have purchased a number of books from you over the past few years as I embarked on a new research project.
I like your operation a great deal and respect you as the most significant used bookseller out there. You have high quality scholarly books at reasonable prices. When I am just looking for a quick reading copy, I may choose another vendor, but for collectible quality, I would always use you.
Robert in Lebanon, NH

I shop through ABE, and will likely continue to use that service. I am impressed with the book and packaging quality from Zubal, which will influence my choice in future transactions.
Will, from Bainbridge Island, WA

Always a pleasure to do business with Zubal books.
Gary from Portland, Maine

Great traditional antiquarian bookshop. While it is good ordering online someday I hope to visit the store itself. I know I can buy with confidence.
Mark from Livington Montana

The book I ordered was in wonderful condition, and the price was remarkably low.
David in Rochester, New York.

Books arrived yesterday and look amazing. The Silverberg was even better than expected.

Your pricing and service continue to be first-rate.
Sam, Charlottesville, VA

You often have scholarly monographs that are somewhat difficult to obtain for reasonable prices--affordable to those of us who teach! Many booksellers overprice these monographs beyond our reach. So Thank you.
Bob, South Bend IN

Have always been completely satisfied with my purchases from Zubal Books. Thanks you for the great service you provide. I am perhaps prejudiced by way of my age but IMO there is no substitute for books. Real, paper and binding books! I think that your business is a valuable and important activity. THANKS!
William L. on Lummi Island, WA.

Impeccable as usual. Thank you guys!
Daniele in Imola, Italy

Wonderful service with a knowledgeable and accurate description. I love vintage supernatural books and the one I recently bought from you was wonderfully described (in this instance most sellers would not know that the fading "ghostly" image on the front pictorial board was, in fact, deliberate and painstakingly achieved. Kudos of the highest order!
Philip, in Atlanta, GA

I come to Zubal for quality books in my technical field and areas of personal interest. I also buy books for my son, who was a professional hunter in Africa. That creates a wide diversity of interests!
Rod in Polson, Montana

This 87-year-old book is in SUPERB condition (EXACTLY as you described!). It arrived very securely packaged, and was quickly shipped. I could not be more pleased. Thank you very much for your thoughtful professionalism.
Bob from Kankakee, Illinois

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