CLEAN (NO EX LIBRARY) bulk books, $650 per Gaylord box.
The books are packed in Gaylord boxes on pallets. Each box on average contains between 600 to 900 books.

Buy books in bulk.

What kinds of books are included? Here's a typical breakdown:

85% non-fiction - mostly social sciences, humanities, science and technology.
60% hardcover & 40% softcover.
90% English language; foreign languages are mostly French, Italian, Spanish and German.
90% published 1970-present.

Excluded (unless customers request otherwise) are encyclopedias, book club editions, Reader’s Digest (and similar) condensed books, textbooks for grade 1-12, college textbooks more than 3 years old, reference books superceeded by later editions, outdated yearbooks, bound volumes of periodicals, directories, obviously defective books.

We now have gaylord boxes of PAPERBACKS. Perfect for prison reading rooms. $500 per box (900 - 1400 books per box)

Interested parties are invited to inspect books in bulk by appointment. In addition, we now have approximately 2,000 coffee-table size books in art, history, entertainment, etc. All are clean with no library markings, many with dust jackets. Price is $3.50 per volume (minimum purchase 200 books).

We are often able to customize bulk book orders to your needs, just let us know.

Interested parties should email us today.