What makes a book rare? There are countless “scarce” books worth very little. There are a number of expensive books that are readily available on the open market. Zubal Books comprehends the essence of “rarity” and that understanding is made manifest in our offerings of rare books. Our staff has an aggregate 150 years experience and knowledge handling important hard-to-find books. It can be said that treatment of such is more an art than a science. One can reference auction records, old catalogues, databases and websites, but these static resources provide limited insight. Rarity is born when “unique”, “ground-breaking” and “artistic” converge in a book that is seldom found on the open market. Whether it’s an exceptionally fine example of a usually well-worn popular culture classic, an important American Revolution document, or a scarce signature of an irreligious guru, Zubal Books employs its collective experience, knowledge and resources to the fullest extent.

In this section are items that can only be found at www.zubalbooks.com. Updates will be made periodically.