Travel Journal

The players: Mike

The setting: Bay Area, April 2010

The goal: Purchase quality books


I landed at SFO at 11:00 on Thursday morning. Prior to my trip, all my friends in the Bay Area told me to bring my umbrella as it had been raining for a solid month. I always take this kind of news with a grain of salt. I feel those that live there don’t want anymore easterners moving out, so they misinform as to the mild climate. On approach to the landing the weather bore witness to the grumblings. It was in fact cloudy, but after eight weeks of typical Cleveland Winter Weather (flat grey skies and an average 18 degrees fahrenheit) I figured a little cumulus at 55 degrees was not a problem.

I travel light and quickly bypassed the luggage carousel, hustling down to the Star Client desk at Enterprise Car Rental. Within 20 minutes of arrival I had a silver HHR rolling out of the airport and heading south toward Mountainview. Bay Area jazz was on the radio and the sun was peaking through cracks in the clouds. So much for the “weather’s been awful” deception of my good Bay Area friends.