Writing and Difference

Jacques Derrida, Alan Bass / University Of Chicago Press 1980
342 pp., Paperback, edges rubbed, else very good. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0226143295
Subject/Keywords: philosophy ebd

Item #: 1210919


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Locke: Two Treatises of Government (Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought)

John Locke; Peter Laslett, editor / Cambridge University Press 1988
464 pp., Paperback, spine slightly faded, else fine. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0521357306
Subject/Keywords: Locke philosophy ebd

Item #: 1210892


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Jacques Derrida, Barbara Johnson / University Of Chicago Press 1981
400 pp., Paperback, fine. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0226143341
Subject/Keywords: philosophy ebd

Item #: 1210918


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The Weight of the World: Social Suffering in Contemporary Society

Bourdieu, Pierre, Ferguson, Priscilla Parkhurst / Stanford University Press 2000
x, 646 pp., Paperback, very good. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0804738459
Subject/Keywords: philosophy ebd

Item #: 1210921


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Lacan To The Letter: Reading Ecrits Closely

Fink, Bruce / University of Minnesota Press 2004
208 pp., Paperback, NEW!!. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0816643210
Subject/Keywords: philosophy ebd

Item #: 1210930


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The Logic of Practice

Bourdieu, Pierre, Nice, Richard / Stanford University Press 1992
333 pp., Paperback, fine. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0804720118
Subject/Keywords: philosophy ebd

Item #: 1210931


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Causality and Chance in Modern Physics

Bohm, David / University of Pennsylvania Press 1971
184 pp., Paperback, LIKE NEW. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0812210026
Subject/Keywords: Physics philosophy tc1

Item #: 1210987


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An Introduction to the Philosophy of Physics: Locality, Fields, Energy, and Mass

Lange, Marc / Wiley-Blackwell 2002
344 pp., Paperback, LIKE NEW. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0631225013
Subject/Keywords: rg1 physics Philosophy

Item #: 1210429


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Generation of the Universe and "Design for Living"

Campbell, Percy A. / East Cleveland 1934
110 pp., Hardcover, light wear to spine and covers, else text clean and binding tight. Volumes Included: 1

Subject/Keywords: philosophy, theology, bwn

Item #: 1210139


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Studies of Mind and Brain: Neural Principles of Learning, Perception, Development, Cognition and Motor Control (Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science, Volume 70)

Stephen T. Grossberg / D. Reidel Publishing Company 1982
680 pp., Paperback, previous owner's name to half-title page, wear to spine and covers else text clean & binding tight. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 902771360X
Subject/Keywords: Philosophy

Item #: 1210362


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The Road since Structure: Philosophical Essays, 1970-1993, with an Autobiographical Interview

Kuhn, Thomas S.; Conant, James, Haugeland, John, eds. / University of Chicago Press 2000
336 pp., Paperback, previous owner's small initials to half-title page, else fine. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0226457990
Subject/Keywords: rg1 philosophy

Item #: 1210400


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Search for Naturalist World View v2 (Search for a Naturalistic World View)

Shimony, Abner / Cambridge University Press 1993
352 pp., Paperback, very good. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0521377455
Subject/Keywords: philosophy rg1

Item #: 1210124


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The Philosophy of Physics (The Evolution of Modern Philosophy)

Torretti, Roberto / Cambridge University Press 1999
532 pp., Hardcover, LIKE NEW (lacks dust jacket). Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0521562597
Subject/Keywords: Philosophy rg1 physics

Item #: 1210109


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Viscometric Flows of Non-Newtonian Fluids: Theory and Experiment (Springer Tracts in Natural Philosophy)

Coleman, Bernard D., Markovitz, Hershel, Noll, W. / Springer 1966
130 pp., Hardcover, previous owner's name to front free endpaper, else very good. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 3540036725
Subject/Keywords: jdl philosophy

Item #: 1210180


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Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid

Douglas R. Hofstadter / Vintage Books 1980
FIRST Vintage Books edition (September 1980), 777 pp., paperback, very good. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0394745027
Subject/Keywords: philosophy mathematics rg1

Item #: 1210106


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The Conscious Mind: In Search of a Fundamental Theory (Philosophy of Mind Series)

David J. Chalmers / Oxford University Press, USA 1996
432 pp., Paperback, fine. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0195117891
Subject/Keywords: philosophy rg1

Item #: 1210108


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Conjectures and Refutations; the Growth of Scientific Knowledge

Popper, Karl R. (Sir Karl Raimund) / Basic Books 1962
First American edition, 412 pp., Hardcover, faint age-toning to top edge, small hand stamp to front free endpaper, spine faded, minor discoloration from a paperclip to front free endpaper and half-title page else very good in a chipped and worn dust jacket. Volumes Included: 1

Subject/Keywords: philosophy science rg1

Item #: 1209941


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Leopoldo Zea: From Mexicanidad to a Philosophy of History

Lipp, Solomon / Wilfrid Laurier University Press 1980
146 pp., Hardcover, underlining throughout, else good. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0889200793
Subject/Keywords: ls9 philosophy history

Item #: 1208895


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The Natural Philosopher: 1 & 2. A Series of Voulmes Containing Papers Devoted to the History of Physics....

Daniel E. Gershenson, Daniel A. Greenberg / Blaisdell 1963
2 volumes, 155 & 127 pp., paperbacks, light wear to spines and covers, small hand stamp to versos of covers and endpapers, top edges age-toned else texts clean & bindings tight. Volumes Included: 2

Subject/Keywords: Philosophy rg1

Item #: 1209693


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Leçons de métaphysique allemande Tome II: Kant, Heidegger, Habermas

Rivelaygue, Jacques / GRASSET 1992
503, [1] pp., Paperback, text clean and binding tight. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 2246444217
Subject/Keywords: philosophy mrc

Item #: 1209394


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